Moon Cactuses

This is a photo of my moon cactuses, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii . This species is from South America
. The colored cap is a mutation which completely lacks chlorophyll, exposing the color pigment that is usually hidden. Because they are unable to photosynthesize, these plants are unable to survive on their own, but because growers see them as something special, these mutant strains get grafted onto another type of cactus called hylocereus . The result you see is the Moon Cactus.  Moon cacti are commonly grown as houseplants and are also known as Ruby Ball, Red Cap, Red Hibotan, or Hibotan cacti. People with developmental disabilities are like moon cacti, something that should be seen as beautiful and unique in the world and might need a little help in order to get along. Many people don’t see the beauty that people with disabilities bring to the world, nor do they see why it is necessary to give us the support that we need.

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