Photojournalism Encounter

Somewhere and someplace I talked to an editor who was cr1itised my work. Now that I think about it the memory it happened in 1989 or 1990 at a convention. When I showed him a photo I was particularly proud of and he immediately said that that no reputable newspaper would print that picture. This man had known Robert Capa. He was the man in charge of the Life darkroom during the D-day invasion.

He was the one who told the darkroom tech to turn up the temperature of the heater so that the negatives would dry out faster. This caused the film to melt ruining most of the pictures. That is why the images of D-day have a burred look.

So here was a man who had made the worst mistake in photojournalism history who had the audacity to criticize my work and be intolerant of mistakes. Capa risked his life to get those pictures only to have the best ones destroyed forever.

I read a biography about Capa. The young Capa was sent on an assignment at a place on a beach. He tried taking a camera underwater to take a picture and ruined the camera. He had a fun time at the company’s expense yet they still liked him kept him. Yet for some reason I got skinned alive anytime I made a mistake and got fired in a particularly sadistic way. Experts in the field who I talked to were stern with me and unkind.

In the Capa biography, that man who said he was an intimate friend wasn’t even mentioned in the book.

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