Doe Ray Mee

I remember sing the song in grade school. I didn’t understand that it was the list of note. I thought it told a story. “Doe a deer a female deer.” The mother.

“Ray, a drop of golden son.” The mother dear has a child.

“Me amay I combed myself!” The sun gets hurt. I never heard any say that combing they combed themselves when they got hurt and people comb their hair but my young mind was forcing the song to tell a story.

“Fa a long, long way to run.” The young deer has a long way to run to get back home to mother.

“La, a note to follow So.” didn’t make sense so I ignored it.

“Tea a drink of Gimmenbrez.” Whatever gimmenbrez is it is a substance that restores the hurt young deer’s strength so that he”l be able to make the journey that “brings him back to (his mother) Doe.”

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